Sir. James 101

Spritz Aperitif Alcohol Free

Natural herbs flavouring and orange

Fresh with a bitter orange flavour is inside this bottle. Spritz drinks are the all-time popular drinks and this is why an alcohol free version has been created by Sir. James 101.

This drink has lots to offer. Sir. James 101 wanted you to taste more than just bitters. In addition, he has been looking for freshness with a twist of orange and herbs. The result is a sophisticated drink to be enjoyed at every occasion.

Natural flavours and extracts of orange and herbs like rosemary, sage, clove and nutmeg are used to make this drink. This will make you find many flavours while tasting the drink. the aroma is fresh with hints of orange and herbs followed by a fresh bitter taste and a light sparkling finish.
The Bitter Aperitif can be enjoyed like a Spritz drink but more varieties are possible! Share your drink picture by tagging @sirjames101drinks and we’ll feature the picture at our socials.

Bitter Aperitif


Sir. James 101 Bitter Aperitif 250ml
Slices of orange
Optional: sprig of rosemary

Bitter Aperitif

on the rocks

Sir. James 101 Bitter Aperitif 250ml
Make two drinks of 125ml each!
Add ice cubes and orange peel

Bitter Aperitif

Grapefruit Spritz

Sir. James 101 Bitter Aperitif 250ml
Go for more citrus bitter flavours by adding slices of grapefruit