Sir. James 101

Ginger mule Alcohol Free

Sweet and spicy ginger

Meet the alcohol free version of the famous Moscow Mule cocktail! Ginger comes along your path in many ways. Ginger tea, ginger beer and ginger shots have gone before Sir. James 101 and now he is presenting the Ginger Mule to you.

Ginger is the top ingredient for this drink. It’s easy to recognise its aroma and taste while the flavour of this drink has much more to offer. The aroma shows a spicy smell combined with fresh lime flavours. The taste shows vodkas notes on a decent level of sweet and spicy ginger hints which results in a great balance for your senses.

We like to use the original copper mug for this drink but don’t hesitate to use any other glass that might feel good for you. Cheers!

The Perfect Serve

Moscow Mule

Sir. James 101 Ginger Mule 250ml

Lime wedges
Sprig of mint