Sir. James 101 carefully creates the recipes for the alcohol free drinks.
They are made by using his experience and the finest ingredients to match
the expectations of serious nonalcoholic drinks. Sir. James 101 is aiming
for the best flavours only and feels flattered by the many positive received comments.

Trade benefits

Besides stores Sir. James 101 is also available at the hospitality industry. Bars, restaurants, hotels and catering services are happily using the drinks as there are many benefits for them.

Premium appearance

Nice ‘single serve’ bottle to be served at the table or at the bar

Time & money saving

No open bottles or additional mixers/tonics needed

Consistent quality

Premixed non-alcoholic

Profitable margin

Every unit sold highly increases the average gross margin

This is to name a few! We’ve also noticed Sir. James 101 is used because its distinctiveness and bottles are often reused as a flower vase at the tables. Nice!

Is Sir. James 101 not yet available at your local distributor? Most likely they will add it to their assortment when the demand is there. Contact us and we will make it happen together.

Sir. James 101 is available for consumers and trade customers in many countries. Check out where available in your country