Sir. James 101

Pink G&T Alcohol Free (Pink G&T)

Natural juniper flavourings and Raspberry aromas

Amongst the most beautiful colors: Pink! And available within the Sir. James 101 range! Sir. James 101 loves this color but is both proud and excited about the great flavours of this drink. Because it’s a serious drink to enjoy at amusing occasions.

Warning: this is not just a sweet fizzy drink. The aim for this drink is to let you have a realistic moment of joy where you find yourself at a party, restaurant or at home to behave like you’re drinking “the real deal” but you can have as many as you wish and stay 100% sober.

The Sir. James 101 Pink Gin Tonic comes with a deep blossom pink color. Scents of raspberry are approaching first with a hint of pomegranate and juniper berries. The taste is sensational with an interplay of refined herbs in combination with red fruits such as raspberries and red currants. The elegant bubble creates a perfect balance where the alcohol free gin character comes to the fore with a light bitter at the finish.

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The Perfect Serve

Pink G&T and Raspberries

Sir. James 101 Pink G&T 250ml

Fresh raspberries
A sprig of rosemary
Optional: juniper berries